Swissvoice Xtra 2155 Duo Large Button Cordless Telephone

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The Xtra 2155 Duo is an easy to use cordless phone with a large digit keypad and large LCD display and a built-in answering machine.  It comes with an additional handset and charging pod.

• Large backlit display (2 line dot matrix)
• 4 photo memories (base) + 4 directs memories (handset)
• Ringer with Caller ID announcement (on 4 photo memories)
• Talking digit (7 selectable languages)
• Audio boost for extra loud earpiece volume (+30dB)
• Extra loud ringer (+85dB)
• Handsfree function
• 30 min answering machine with slow play messages
• Call Blocking function with 100 black list
• Hearing aid compatible

Click this link To view the Swissvoice Xtra 2155 data sheet