Motorola IT.6.1H DECT Cordless Additional Handset & Charger

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The Motorola IT.6.1H is an additional handset that works with your existing Motorola IT6.1T or H base station (Not IT6.1X). Place it in your office, bedroom, hallway, or wherever else you need the convenience of an additional IT6.1 handset.

Driven by our desire to design the ultimate home phone, we focused our efforts on pushing boundaries, both inside and out. Creative engineering inspired the precision crafting and use of innovative materials that are applied on the Motorola IT.6.1 - the impossibly thin phone.

Measuring less than 6mm at its narrowest point, the handset is made using a real metal frame, ensuring its robustness and a seamless striking form. The crystal base adds to its uniqueness and elegance, from every angle.

It also boasts a 2.2" TFT colour display, with mobile connectivity using Bluetooth Wireless Technology, meaning your mobile calls and contacts are always in sync.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an additional handset requiring connection to an existing Motorola IT6.1T or H DECT phone system.

Comes complete with batteries, power supply and an instruction sheet to guide you through the registration process to link the handset to your existing main base.