BT UK NTE 5a Master Socket

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The NTE 5A is the most common type of master socket in UK house hold fitted by BT or Openreach. It is recommended that fitting a complete socket is done professionally as incorrect fitting can lead to line faults or damage to your equipment. In most cases (if you do not have an extension telephone socket in the property) the front faceplate from this socket can be fitted to your existing socket's backbox easily, but if you do not feel confident in removing the front faceplate of your old socket we would advise to contact a local telecoms engineer.

NTE5a Master Socket Features

• Plastics moulded from V0 rated PVC • 2 way IDC connection of incoming network operator's wiring (LSA style)
• Standard linetest and ringing components provided
• 26A Overvoltage protection included
• 401A Test socket to verify network wiring is good
• 601A socket for customer's equipment connection
• 3 way IDC connector for onward distribution of phone line  wiring (LSA style) It is the accepted within the UK by all network operators that the NTE5A is the preferred method of terminating single pair copper lines within the customer premise.

Can be surface mounted (with backbox) or flush mounted
Bellwire filter provided
M3.5 screws provided
Will accept other Service Specific Frontplates (SSFPs) such as the ADSL Centralised Filter

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