BT Mini Connector Kit Twin Pack

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Product is New in Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Plain Packaging.

The BT Mini Connectors allow you to connect your BT TV box to your BT Hub.

  • They work with all our Hubs, without having to run an Ethernet cable all the way around the home. They do this by sending your broadband signal through the electrical wiring in your home.
  • They also have a power socket on the front, so you don't lose a plug socket on your wall. We recommend you use this socket to plug in any plug boards or your BT TV box itself.
  • This product supports On Demand, Catch Up and Extra TV Channels through BT TV.
  • The BT Mini Connectors work with speeds of up to 1GB and can even be used with our Ultra HD. This makes it easy for you to self install BT TV Ultra HD without an engineer visit.