BT Diverse 7450 Single Digital Cordless With Answer Machine

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Please also note that this model is not compatible with a Diverse Repeater.

The BT Diverse 7450 is one of the top of the range models in the new BT Diverse range and has a built in digital answering machine. If more than one handset is required the BT Diverse 7400 extra handset needs to be purchased as well.

As one of the top of the range BT Diverse cordless phones the BT Diverse 7450 is packed full of useful facilities and features. It is very similar to the 7410 but the 7450 also has a digital answering machine built in as well. It is very reliable and ideal for office use and with its stylish design will look good in the home as well. Using a digital signal between handset and base the BT Diverse 7450 cordless phone gives great clarity as well.

In total up to 5 cordless additional phone handsets can be registered to the BT Diverse 7450 base station, ideal for locating in other rooms around the building anywhere within its range and without the need for a further phone socket as these work remotely from the main base station. Usually indoors this is up to 50m and the compatible handsets are the BT Diverse 7400 and the Robust 7200 models.

Built into the cordless BT Diverse 7450 handset is a 200 name and number directory to store contacts. Also to save time if more than one handset is in use the phone will copy the phone book between them.

Also another facility of the BT Diverse 7450 cordless phone is a built in digital answering machine. In total up to 27 minutes of recordings can be made which doesn’t sound a lot but as most are a few seconds long it is quite big. The playback functions on the BT Diverse 7450 are also very easy to use and straight forward. Also a large LED at the top of the base will tell you how many messages have been left.

As well as having a handsfree speaker the BT Diverse 7450 cordless phone also has a headset socket as well. If it is connected to a line with caller display activated it will show the incoming number too. If you have a lot of phone numbers stored on your mobile phone the base of the BT Diverse 7450 also has a SIM card reader to copy and save them to the phone.

Other features on the BT Diverse 7450 include auto answer, 30 number calls list, 10 number redial list, call transfer between handsets, internal calls, conference call, backlit display, polyphonic ringtones, standard ringtones, ringer On/Off, ringer volume control, visual ring indicator, secrecy function and many other features.
Key Features:
Display and Keypad

Display type: inverse

Display - number of lines : 8

White Backlit

Contrast control

VIP indicator

Keypad lock


Handset polyphonic ringtones: 10

Handset standard ringtones: 5

Handset ringer on/off

Visual ring indicator

Base ringer on/off

Handset ringer volume control

Base ringer volume control

Base ringtones: 5


Call Management

Caller groups

Quick dial memories: 8

Call Waiting

Conference Cal

Caller ID

Auto answer


Answering machine features

Recording time (mins): up to 27

Playback: handset & base

Outgoing messages: 2

Recordable outgoing messages

Answer delay

Time saver

Remote access

Message advice: indicator & counter

Call screening


Timed TAM

Handset Features

Speakerphone-Talk hands-free

Antenna : Integrated on base; Integrated on handset

Call log entries : 30

Phonebook : 200 names and numbers

Redial List Capacity: 10

Dialling : Tone; Pulse

Name and caller ID

Caller ID on call waiting

Headset socket

Handset naming

Call timer

Clock and Alarm

Low battery indicator

Low battery alert

Out of range indicator

Out of range alert

Handset dimensions & other facts:

SIM card: reader & writer

Base dimensions : 16 x 12 x 7.2 cm

Handset dimensions : 5.3 x 3.1 x 16.3 cm

Battery capacity : 600 mAh

Battery type : AAA NiMH

Battery type : Rechargeable

Mains power : AC 220-240V - 50Hz

Number of batteries : 2 per handset

GAP Compatible

Standby time : Up to 120 hours

Talk time : Up to 12 hours

Range indoor : 50 meters

Range outdoor : 300 meters

Belt clip included

Base settings PIN protected


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