BT Contour Payphone Battery Replacement

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If you have a BT Contour Payphone with a dead display, chances are the battery has died in it.
The battery is soldered to the main circuit in the top part of the payphone and not easy to access for you the end user.
If you require a battery replacing we can carry out this replacement/repair for you.

You would simply send us your payphone top by detaching it from the coin bucket using the release hinge and include your contact details, with your address and either pay via the website, over the phone or via cheque made payable to Discount Communications Ltd for £40.00 which covers parts and labour and the return postage to you.

The address to send a Contour Top in for this battery replacement is -

Discount Communications Ltd.
15 Whitworth Drive
Newton Aycliffe
Co Durham

Typical turn around time on a battery replacement is 5 working days once the item is received.