Amplicom PTV 100 Vibration Pad

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This is a compact vibrating pad, is compatible with most Amplicom phones including the cordless models.

Just plug the PTV 100 plug into the socket and each time the phone rings you will receive a powerful vibrating alert so you never miss another call. The vibrating pad is ideal to place under the pillow, the mattress or the sofa.

Connection of the Amplicom PTV 100 vibration pad is very simple as it just plugs into a small socket on the base of the Powertel phones. The following Amplicom Powertel phones are compatible:

  • Amplicom Powertel 580 Combo
  • Amplicom Powertel 580
  • Amplicom Powertel 50
  • Amplicom Powertel 58
  • Amplicom Powertel 500
  • Amplicom Powertel 49 Plus
  • Amplicom Powertel compatible
  • Ideal for placement under pillow
  • Small compact shape
  • Easy installation

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