Agent HD10 Webcam

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The Agent HD10 webcam supports high quality 1080p video and is ideal for entry-level users. Its plug and play technology and simple instructions provide an effortless video calling solution. Just mount the Agent HD10 on your monitor, connect via USB-A, and you’ll be ready to make a call.

High resolution COMS colour sensors Large window capture size: 640x480/800x600 Video mode: 24-bit true colour Noise-signal ratio: greater than 48dB (30F/s 220LUX) Dynamic range: greater than 72 dB Built-in image compression Automatic brightness adjustment Automatic colour compensation Image focus: 5cm to infinity Manual focus Built-In Microphone 12 Month Warranty

System Requirements

PC or laptop with USB-A port Operating system: Windows 7/8/10. Mac OS, Android or Linux